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4 Jobs for Those Craving a Flexible Work Schedule


If you’re sick of your mundane nine to five job and are toying with the idea of working for yourself rather than simply making money for someone else, then you’re probably looking for some guidance.

For some people, the transition to working for themselves comes easily; they may have a skill or area of expertise that they immediately know they can earn money from. For others, it’s not so obvious. There are plenty of jobs that allow you to work for yourself without having a particular specialist skill, so to get you started, here are a few different occupations to consider.

Household Cleaner

People tend to hire trustworthy cleaners for their homes through word of mouth recommendations, so why not make a start by asking around to see if your friends and family know anyone who might be looking for one? You can expand your offering to include laundry and ironing to earn extra money, and you’ll probably find that once you start getting a few clients, the work will snowball as more and more people recommend you after seeing your great work.

Taxi Driver

If you have a clean driving license and your own vehicle, becoming a taxi driver is a great option if you’re looking for a particularly flexible schedule. Companies like Uber take on pretty much anyone as long as your vehicle passes their inspections. It’s important to factor in the additional cost of taxi insurance though, as even though Uber don’t require it, most standard insurance policies will be invalid if you are carrying a passenger. Check out the A-Plan website for more information on taxi insurance and to weigh up what this additional cost might be.


This can be a tricky one depending on where you live, as there are different laws and regulations in each country. However if you have children of your own, then childminding could be the perfect option. Having children of your own usually means you have a network of friends that are also parents, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find business through your connections once you have all of your legal ducks in a row.

Handyman (or Woman)

If you’re pretty handy and have good connections with lots of people in your local area, then becoming a handyman (or woman) can be a lucrative business. Clearing out gardens, repairing fencing, painting rooms and taking care of small maintenance jobs around the house are all services people pay somebody else to do when they’re short on time, and there’s no reason that somebody couldn’t be you.

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