4 Jobs for Those Craving a Flexible Work Schedule

If you’re sick of your mundane nine to five job and are toying with the idea of working for yourself rather than simply making money for someone else, then you’re probably looking for some guidance.

Thinking of a changing to a career in nursing?

Are you feeling bored, unmotivated and uninspired in your current job? If you’ve got bigger aspirations, feel like you want to give something back to the community and have a natural compassionate nature, a career in nursing could be the one for you.

Can you make a living through betting & casinos?

Can you make a living from betting online or using casinos? Every sport lover there is out there has at one point in their life thought that it really was possible to earn a living purely from wagering.

How to get a job in accountancy

Are you looking for information about graduate jobs with financial management employers, accountancy firms or any other related organization? This article answers all your questions including professional qualification, the areas that you could work in and even how to get a job in accountancy and financial management.

How to get noticed by executive search specialists

At a certain point in your career, executive recruitment specialists or ‘headhunters’ will likely be the agents for further advancement. What are the best strategies to ensure you are front and centre when that happens?