Combating the Negative Effects of Mounting Student Debt

Combating the Negative Effects of Mounting Student Debt

Student debt has actually always been a big problem, but it only really appears to be a huge issue at the moment because the negative effects of it are coming to the fore in a much bigger way than before. Millennials in particular who are dominating the workforce these days realise that the cost of […]

3 Factors to Consider in a Lender

As mounting debt is currently considered to be a major financial issue in stricken Eurozone nations such as Greece, it is easy to overlook the fact that this is also causing concern in the UK. While Great Britain may have overcome many of the consumer debt issues that emerged during the great recession, there is […]

Keeping the books – staying out of trouble when re-paying a loan

When it comes to paying for a new car or a new holiday, it can be difficult to come up with the money straight away. Loans are there so that you can borrow money in order to pay for something in one lump sum which you can then pay back in smaller instalments throughout the […]

What Invoice Financing Options Are Available?

There are many banks, financial services and independent companies which offer invoice financing as a method to help businesses in the short term. They essentially purchase any unpaid invoices a company may have and provide the money up front for a fee.