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How to Save Money on Overseas Postage

How to Save Money on Overseas Postage

If your business posts overseas then you’ll know just how complicated the whole operation can be. If you don’t plan your shipping process properly then you can be left overpaying for the goods and services you use. Plus, if you fail to do proper research into overseas companies, you can end up using a less than reputable one that costs your business due to poor handling or broken promises. By planning properly, however, you can avoid all of this. In this post we look at how you can save money on your overseas postage, all while using a reputable service.


Make Guidelines… and Stick to Them

If your business doesn’t ship overseas regularly then you’re best off making guidelines for when it does. That way, no matter who in the business makes the shipment, it will be done to business standards and should avoid the above issues.

By making guidelines, you should avoid making costly mistakes, too. So, consider as a team what types of shipping you’d require. Can you avoid ‘express services’ to save money? Can you just use ground shipping rather than air? It may take longer but it should save you a significant sum.

Once you’ve established these guidelines, ensure your staff members stick to them. If not, you’ll be needlessly losing money. You can download a policy template here.

Get Quotes

Finding good quality, reasonably priced shipping isn’t about using the first company you find on Google. Instead, shop around and make sure you get the best possible price. Many companies, like TNT Direct, now use delivery calculators, so you can find out how much your shipping costs before you commit.

By investing time in getting quotes, you stand a better chance of getting a good deal. Plus, in future, it’ll give you a good idea of what companies to avoid.

Track Performance

Of course, saving money is all well and good, but you still need your delivery company to perform for you. As such, when you use companies, ensure that you monitor them and track their performance using a scorecard type system. Think of it in the same way you’d track employee performance, so try tracking:

  • Cost
  • Customer service
  • Pick up
  • Customer response
  • Access to data
  • Accuracy of data.

By doing this, you’ll be able to find the company that’s the most reliable for you. It might be that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. Equally, however, it may show you that the extra cost has no effect either.

Give these three tips a try today and your shipping costs should come down, potentially saving you huge sums of money in the process.

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