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Is Lifelock Worth your Money?

Identity theft is a scary thing. If it gets stolen, it can be the hardest thing to get back. With our dependence on technology, protecting your identity is a must. Around 15 million residents in the United States alone end up victims of identity theft. This equates to around $50 million. Therefore, protecting your identity is so important before you end up a victim. Here, we will figure out if Lifelock is a good solution.

If you haven’t heard of them, Lifelock is a service that protects your identity. They are a premier credit monitoring and identity company offering various options for businesses, families and individuals. But, are they worth your money?

What Lifelock Costs

First, let’s check out how much Lifelock costs. There are different plans available through Lifelock for people to choose from. The most basic and lowest cost plan is $9.99 a month. You get a few of their key benefits which include SSN monitoring, black market monitoring and basic credit services. You can upgrade to the $19.99 monthly plan if you are looking for more in-depth credit monitoring and their $29 monthly plan will give you access to much more of their features.

What Lifelock Offers

Lifelock offers friendly and 24/7 customer service. They offer a $1 million Identity Theft Service guarantee as wells as their ‘Lifelock Junior’ which monitors children’s’ identity and protects it. They don’t just protect you from credit fraud, they can even detect when your personal information is being used to apply for retail credit, wireless services and mortgage loans. They also monitor your driver’s license, medical id and mother’s maiden name.

BBB Accreditation

Lifelock has an A- rating on the Better Business Bureau which is outstanding. It isn’t BBB accredited; however there is no obligation for businesses to get BBB accreditation.

Is Lifelock Worth It?

If you are wondering if Lifelock is worth your money, you are not alone. For one thing, many of those ‘poor reviews’ you see out there on the Internet are from customers who didn’t really understand what Lifelock offered. Lifelock isn’t supposed to prevent all identity theft. There is no service out there that can and if you find a service that claims they can, they are out to scam you.

Lifelock prevents against some types of fraud.  They do this by scanning websites where your personal information is on, detect strange credit activities and look for people who make large purchases or take out loans using your social security number (SSN). This is very effective for protecting against, detection of and resolving many of the common causes associated with identity theft.

Also, if an instance does happen and it can’t be resolved through Lifelock, you are protected through their $1 million coverage for any out-of-pocket fees resulting from the fraud which includes legal fees and loss of income. Therefore, when using Lifelock, you are actually paying for peace of mind.



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