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Office design trends 2016: watch this space

Office design trends 2016: watch this space

When it comes to office design, it can be difficult to predict which trends are going to be hot and which are destined to flop. So if you’re struggling to perfect your office style this year, let’s take a look at three popular workplace styles.

A place to relax

While many business have caught onto this trend in recent years, designated lounge areas are set to take offices by storm in the upcoming months. Having an area in your workspace where employees can rest and relax is a great idea for many reasons. Whether it’s just a corner of your office or a whole room, this type of space allows your colleagues to unwind away from their desks and the hustle and bustle of the working environment. It could even be used for casual meetings. Ideally, the space should be comfortable and stimulating, so you should try to furnish it with appropriate pieces of furniture. For example, you could include breakout seating to achieve your desired look. Breakout furniture provides employees with the opportunity to switch up the shape, size and layout of the seating arrangement to suit them. With so many different designs and colours available, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect furnishings for your area. For example, Calibre office furniture specialists offer their breakout furnishings in different ranges, including their futuristic-looking Indi collection and their usually shaped Allsorts designs.

Bringing the outdoors in

From reclaimed wooden wall panels to exposed brick, bringing the outdoors in is set to be a design style you won’t want to miss out on this year. Including elements of the outside world can refresh any office space in an instant. Following this trend doesn’t mean you will have to completely restructure your office building either. You could simply decorate your office with various different pieces of greenery. Whether you position large potted plants in the corners of your workspace or dot small succulents on your window ledges, even a subtle nod to nature can be enough.

Combining texture and colour

Mixing up textures and colours is a trend that’s predicted to grow in popularity throughout 2016. Choosing to use a combination of different materials and shades can not only improve the appearance of your office space, but it could help boost happiness, productivity and creativity. You could match a mesh-backed chair with a high-gloss surface, or add a pop of colour to your desk with quirky, patterned tech accessories. Combining different elements is fun, inventive and it could help give your workstations an element of individuality and personalisation.

Perfecting your workplace style isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you take these three office design trends into account.

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