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Relocating Your Business to London

London is a city of opportunities. Filled with unique and lucrative chances for the bold, the ambitious, and the enterprising, it is the perfect playground for businesses looking to make their mark.

However, relocating to a new city is a long, arduous, and challenging process. It can mean leaving an established client base behind, as well as finding new premises, connecting with new suppliers, and ironing out all of the creases that come with a move to pastures new.

It would be idealistic not to acknowledge these obstacles, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong move for your business. London is a commercial and financial centre, and not only is it the UK capital, but one of the key business capitals of the world.

If you’re thinking of relocating, then here’s a little advice to help you…

Choosing Premises

 Working and living in London is expensive, and property is no exception to this rule. The capital abounds with commercial premises, all of them charging top prices in exchange for the wonderful opportunities that they offer. For businesses on a budget, this poses a real obstacle, but the best way to approach the problem is simply by shopping around. Online estate agents are an ideal place to start, as they have a wide range of offices and commercial properties available, which can be easily filtered by price without ever leaving the comfort of your existing base. A company like the House Network should be a great starting point, providing a plethora of options for you to choose from.

Making Contacts

 Another problem that will arise from your move is that you’ll lose your network of local contacts. Luckily, this doesn’t signal the end for your enterprise. The rise and dominance of the internet means that staying in touch is easier than ever before, but it still pays to do a little exploration before you move, and pinpoint any useful contacts that you can take advantage of. Local suppliers, in particular, ought to be sourced well in advance, in order to ensure that you have a strong network of support right on your doorstep.

Retaining Your Customer Base

 One thing that you don’t want to risk when you relocate is losing your customer or client base, but the internet should go a long towards assuaging your worries. Although local clients or customers will no longer be able to pop into your premises, most business can now be conducted online, so it’s a great idea to have the internet side of your enterprise fully functional before you move. Provided that you can still liaise with clients, deliver your products, and meet deadlines, you’ll find that many of your existing customers will stick with you rather than seeking somebody else.

Follow our advice to successfully relocate today.

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