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How to Resize Any Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

How to Resize Any Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

Movavi Photo batch is a reliable picture resizer for Windows 7 which you can use to resize any format of picture into the desired size. You will find the this tool useful when you want to resize the photos you have snapped with your camera. The size of the photos taken with a camera are usually very large.

Therefore, you will need to resize your image to a smaller size if you want to post it on your blog, print it, or email it to a friend. The tool is ideal for people who have a lot of images to resize as it will be time consuming to resize the image one by one. The image resizing tool allows you to perform a batch resize of the photos. The batch resize feature is suitable for you if all your photos have the same size.

With Movavi Photo Batch, you can batch resize the files individually or you can resize them by the folders. If you want to compress your image to the smallest size, you should select .jpg as the output format. When you select an output image format, there is a pop up which allows you to adjust the quality of the image. You should drag the image quality to the range 70 – 80% to prevent people from noticing the loss of quality in the image. If you compress the image quality to lower than 70%, the image will become blur and not clear.

There is also a feature in Movavi Photo Batch which you can use to mass rename all your image files at once. This will help you to save time in renaming the image file individually. There are 4 export options for saving the photos that have just been recently converted. Choosing save to original folder and backup originals will move the original image files to the default folder and the new files will be saved to the original folder. If you choose rename and save next to the originals, the new image files will be renamed and saved in the original folder to prevent overriding the original image files.

Besides batch rename, you can also batch rotate the images to portrait or landscape. You can rotate the image individually if you want. Clicking on the Adjust button on the right pane allows you to batch enhance the image in two methods including auto contrast and auto white balance.

The Movavi Photo Batch is a cheap and affordable tool for people who regularly take photos with their cameras and constantly need to resize them for different purposes. Movavi Photo Batch is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

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