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Retailers – Christmas Prep

Retailers – Christmas Prep

You are always one step ahead as a retail business owner, when people are starting to think about their summer holidays in May and June, your already working on your Autumn stock and whilst everyone is enjoying their summer holidays your thinking about Christmas. Yes Christmas, the weeks soon go by, as the last summer sun disappears and autumn is in the air you should be well prepped for the festive season. It’s a time of year that can make or break a business.

If you haven’t even started think about Christmas yet, what are you doing? Don’t leave planning for Christmas too late, follow these simple steps, now, yes right now and get organised for the biggest time in retail. You need to make sure your organised not only for the Christmas rush but Black Friday Sales and Winter Sales.

Planning is key

This is the most obvious step and your first step, before you start anything. My Voucher Codes suggest looking at your stock, orders and deliveries now, to ensure not only will you get your stock on time, but you also want to make sure you can compete with bigger retailers. Don’t forget to keep up to date with delivery dates and also if you also send online, delivery dates for customers. Also this is the time to start work on your marketing campaigns for Christmas.

Join in the community

This can be one of the best ways to improve sales, getting yourself noticed in the local community. My Voucher Codes suggest attending local community events at town halls, markets and schools. Local social media sites such as Facebook Groups and LinkedIn are a great free resource to connect with other retailers and customers.

Brush up on those skills

Even if you’re not employing any extra staff, your existing staff may need to brush up on their skills. Everyone even bosses can become complacent. My Voucher Codes advise; “you need everyone in your team to be up to speed with all procedures, offers and goings on over the festive period.”


You don’t want to be known as Scrooge by your staff, My Voucher Codes suggest not only giving back to loyal customers but also your hard working staff. Make sure they know their hard work over this busy period is appreciated.

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