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Retirement locations off the beaten path

Retirement locations off the beaten path

You might be one of those people who are looking forward to doing something a little different with their retirement and are considering a move to another country. We all know that places such as Spain and France are popular with retirees, but do you want a destination that is not so obvious? Why not try one of these:



With cheap property prices and a strong economy, all the major cities have plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, but there are also many smaller towns and villages where you might want to settle. Coastal regions are popular with retirees who want to make the most of the great beaches, but you do need to have a good monthly income to secure a retiree’s visa.


Cities such as Marrakesh and Fez are filled with history and are great for those who want a very different home for their retirement. Prices are on the rise here though and a traditional Moroccan home may not be within your reach because of regulations. With the desert right on your doorstep and great temperatures all year round, this is a much more unusual destination for a retiree



The Middle East may not be the most obvious choice for a UK retiree, but Oman is very welcoming to foreign residents. It has good quality, new developments and is known for being a peaceful and quiet place to live. However, if you want to buy a property then you are limited to certain areas


This is a great place for those who have a limited income to retire. It is within the Eurozone and has a low cost of living. Options here include forest villages, Mediterranean-style resorts on the coast, or the ski resorts. It can be a slow process to buy but it is fairly straightforward.


Russia may not be an obvious place to buy either but there are plenty of benefits. Did you know that there are no restrictions on overseas retirees coming here? However, you may find that you are limited to the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, since not many agents outside these areas will deal with foreigners

The trick is finding the right place for you. Mr. Fahad Al-Rajaan of a number of Middle Eastern banks during his illustrious career, has found his niche in Hong Kong. He now runs a successful real estate business and clearly does not believe that retirement means that you are limited in what you are able to do.

Make sure that you do your research first and find out what visas you need and what benefits there are to moving to each potential destination. Work out your finances in advance and make sure that any move that you make is affordable. Factor in things like healthcare and other services that you might need as you get older, and it will be easy to find the right destination that will offer you a long and happy retirement.

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