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Stylish and Practical Furniture – the Secret to a Happy Workplace

Some companies think that the key to ensuring that staff are happy is providing them with things like table tennis in the corner of the office, a fancy coffee machine that replicates Starbucks without the expenses, and going for some drinks after work at the end of the week.

Many will just throw money around, providing staff with the most up-to-date, modern, trendy materials and equipment they can find to make their office ‘cool”. In actual fact the key to genuine employee happiness is much simpler than that, and can be achieved with the minimum amount of disruption in your office too.

The type of furniture you provide them with can make a massive difference to their physical and emotional wellbeing along with the quality of the work they produce – as happiness and health are regularly linked to performance (you’re unlikely to do your best work when you’re uncomfortable or unwell after all).

This isn’t to say that you need to compromise the look and feel of your office with the kind of furniture you despise, but that the TYPE of furniture is important. You can still buy something stylish, but you need to pay attention to the ranges on offer from various providers so that you get the chairs that give the most comfort to those who use it and that can easily be moved in and out for meetings or when you have interns or freelancers working with you from time-to-time.

The Race Stacking Chairs range is a perfect example in this respect. These particular stacking chairs are used in conferences and lecture theatres. They come in a variety of styles and because they are stackable chairs you can easily put them away and get more out if needed. With their range you can also buy stacking chair trolleys so that you can avoid the painstaking task of manually arranging the furniture for your next meeting.

The best part about this kind of furniture, as opposed to typical office chairs, is that they are tried and tested on one of the hardest target markets – students! They walk in for an early lecture after a night out (or even after a night in, you know how hard they are to wake up), and as such they might be paying little or no attention to the “boring” talk going on in front of them.

If the chairs they’re sat on are uncomfortable, they’re likely to spend more time fidgeting and waiting to get out of the room than they are making notes and taking things in.

Ergonomics are a huge part of modern offices, ensuring that people are kept in the right position for the health of their whole body. Chairs with no armrests or that sit too low for the desk are likely to result in problems for the joints, while having good back and neck support can ensure that you don’t suffer with any problems in the spine – how many times have you seen colleagues or employees standing up after a period of time at their desks, walking like they haven’t moved in days?

A lot is made of the importance of providing mouse mats that incorporate wrist supports, and ensuring that your screen is at the right height and resolution so that you don’t cause any sight problems or straining in the eyes; but the choice of chair is just as important. An employee who is as comfortable at 5pm as they were at 9am when they first sat down is much more likely to produce their best work than someone who has to stand up and walk around the office every hour because of discomfort.

You are also much more likely to encourage your clients, customers and potential investors to give you more money or an extended contract if the stacking chairs you put in your meeting room are comfortable and stylish; showing that you value the health of your staff – and visitors – as well as how the office looks.

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