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The Importance of Preparing Your Home for a Viewing

The Importance of Preparing Your Home for a Viewing

Getting your house ready for a sale is not as difficult as you might first think. You’re likely going to need some time and effort on your side but other than that, there really is nothing to it. It’s also one of the most important parts of selling a property.

An attractive house that’s up for sale will sell quickly and for a whole lot more, which is something we all want when going through what can be a tedious, stressful and frustrating time.


Here are the three most important factors according to that you need to consider when speeding up the sale of your home, and making as much as possible through an effective home-viewing strategy.

Think like a Buyer

The first and most important of all tips is to make sure you are thinking like a buyer from the moment you put your property up for sale. You’ll need to start by distancing yourself from your home and every room within it, even that beautiful bathroom space you fell in love with when you purchased.

Ultimately, it’s not actually your home anymore, so you need to think about how someone would feel visiting for the first time.

This mind set helps you to look towards the future rather than the past, which is a positive vibe if you’re having any last minute doubts about selling. You will become a natural marketer and adopt the skills required to sell a property much faster.


This is so important and usually the first thing we think about when preparing for a viewing. In fact, it’s a natural reaction to discovering that someone is going to be visiting, so this should go without saying.

Look around your property for items you haven’t really used for a long time or you neglect completely and consider throwing them out or donating them to the nearest charity shop.

Use your de-cluttering time wisely to identify non-essential items, as this will not only free up space in your current home but also leave you with essentials only when you move in to your new property.

Non-essentials might be anything from bookcases and kitchen counters to small items such as the books themselves, magazines and DVD’s.  Keep your essential items hidden when not in use and you’ll have no problem turning your home into a clean, spacious and pleasant environment.

Fix Minor Repair Jobs

If you’ve noticed your bathroom tap leaking on occasion, your guttering struggling under the weight of heavy rainfall or cracked patio slabs in the garden, fix or replace these items as soon as possible. These are not selling points and will be spotted by potential buyers.

You are likely to have all kinds of minor jobs around the house that need doing, so take your time and analyse your home carefully. There could be a door that doesn’t shut correctly, paint work that has started to peel or even holes in the walls!

It is even recommended that you check lightbulbs in every room and ensure that they are working, while bedspreads, towels and rugs should also be either organised or neatly displayed.


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