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Tips to Make Yourself More Hirable

Tips to Make Yourself More Hirable

Want to set yourself apart from all the other candidates who have applied to the same job as you have? Ideally a high level of education and a proven record should be enough to make you stand it but it doesn’t always work that way.

You shouldn’t lose hope now that those two things are not enough to make a strong impression. There are some things that you can to increase your chances of getting hired. Most of these things are very simple to do and their impact is huge.


Before you start looking for job vacancies with City Calling, here’s what you can to improve your chances of getting hired…

  1. Revise and update your CV

Most people have a mission statement at the very top of their resume. You need to get rid of this and replace it with a list of responsibilities and duties. The reality is that a mission statement does little to show your prospective employer the real you. A list of duties and responsibilities on the other hand gives him or her a direct view of what you can do and whether or not your skills will be valuable to their company or business. Do your best to summarize your skills using actions words and not passive words like team player and result oriented.

Always tailor your most recent resume in line with the position you are applying for.

If you have the phrase “references available on request” remove that immediately. Prospective employers automatically assume that you will give them references when that opportunity arises. In a nutshell your resume should evolve with the times.

  1. Update your online profiles

Many people have fallen into the folly of opening numerous online profiles and letting them stay stagnated year in year out. In the same light, others don’t set the appropriate privacy settings and this makes their accounts vulnerable to hackers who use such profiles to put out offensive material on the internet. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired you need to clean up on your online profiles. This means updating the info posted therein and setting the right privacy settings. It also means keeping a “clean reputation” on social media platforms. This means less angry posts and baseless arguments and having a decent picture as your profile picture. You want to look and seem professional when all is said and done. Your raunchy side should never rear its sexy side on social media.

  1. Run a website

Depending on your line of business (mostly the arts and creative fields), it is important to have a fully-fledged website that has a portfolio carrying your works and a relevant and up to date bio. People who work as photographers, videographers, writers and other types of creative works often have to show their experience to their prospective employers and having your works running on the website makes them easily accessible. Clients who want seasoned writers often check to find a writers website to see examples of their works. Writers who claim to have experience and do not have websites often miss opportunities to be picked for more jobs.

Seeing that practically everyone searches the internet for anything and everything, people in less creative professions should also have running websites. Engineers for example would get more tenders and contracts just by being visible online. It doesn’t have to be a website in this case. It could just be a simple blog that advices readers on engineering related matters. Having an online presence brings you closer to people and gives them a chance to know more about you.

  1. Look ready and presentable at all times

The reality of the matter is that you never know who will be looking at you or watching you as you go along doing your duties. You also never know who you will meet. It could be your next employer. You therefore have to be ready and keep a good impression at all times. If you constantly hurl obscenities while driving in traffic you need to stop. The person on the receiving end might be the person seated across the desk when you walk in for that all important interview.

  1. Horne your people skills

With so much emphasis on companies and business offering a pleasing customer experience, it is small wonder then that prospective employers only want to employ people with excellent people skills. For you to increase your chances of getting hired you therefore need to have unmatched communication skills, be a good listener, be patient and most of all be polite. Who knows, the person you serve well may be your friend or business partner in the future. This cannot happen if you have a rude demeanor and lack patience in an uncomfortable situation.

Put to use some or all of these tips and you will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

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