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Top online customer promotions

Top online customer promotions

For every modern business, it’s not enough to simply exist with a website in the online domain. In order to truly thrive, your firm must make constant efforts to stay in people’s minds through some choice offers and promotions.

Social media boom


One of the biggest tech stories in recent years has been the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These sites offer the perfect opportunity to develop the relationship between the business and customer through some highly advantageous offers. And as Facebook recently reported one billion users in a single day, it illustrates the sheer breadth offered by these dynamic sites.

Companies which have successfully utilised social media sites in their promotional activities include the likes of online casino sites such as LadyLucks. By encouraging people to join their Facebook group, LadyLucks are able directly connect to their already-keen audience and offer some exclusive prizes as a reward for their brand loyalty.

Mailing list rewards


As the internet has provided a truly global marketplace for firms to promote their activities, the use of mailing lists has become increasingly important as a way of energising audience bases regardless of location.

In order to encourage users to use the valuable mailing list service, companies such as the German art suppliers Junique offer a 10% discount for all newcomers to their site who sign up to the mailing list. This provides a friendly and welcoming encouragement for new users to browse and purchase the company’s goods. And as the voucher system can simply be used in the store’s online shop, it adds to the professional and carefully-considered perceptions of the brand.

Loyalty bonuses


Once you’ve attracted new audiences to your company’s website, it’s also incredibly important to ensure that they stay interested in the brand after making their purchase.

This is why loyalty offers can be a great way of maximising the potential for repeat visits. The French homeware firm Cachette provide a good example of this, as they offer a 10€ voucher once the customer has spent over 100€ at the online shop.


Free shipping


And finally, as the online retail business relies extensively upon the delivery of goods to people’s homes, many businesses use aspects of a reduced rate on delivery as a way of promoting their brand. The deluxe children’s clothing company Scout and Co do just this by offering free UK shipping on all orders over £50 so that people are encouraged to nudge up their final checkout total to take advantage of this promotion.

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