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Important Tips to Consider While Choosing A Commercial Office Cleaning Company

Important Tips to Consider While Choosing A Commercial Office Cleaning Company

Your office is the brand ambassador of your business. A neat and tidy office gives the first positive impression about your staff, customers, visitors and business partners. A clean and properly maintained office boosts the health, spirit and mind of your staff. This increases their efficiency, creativity and productivity. This also keeps your staff and visitors safe from germs, bacteria and viruses that can cause common diseases.

You need to choose a reliable janitorial service company for your office cleaning purpose. The Enviro-Master Services, headquartered in Charlotte city in the North Carolina state of U.S., have been providing their cleaning services all over the cities of North America since 2009. Their staffs are well-trained and well-equipped team of professionals. Their sanitizers and disinfectants are EPA certified.

They prioritize the safety and well-being of their consumer and environment. They offer commercial cleaning services like restroom cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, drain treatment and maintenance services, electrostatic spraying protection for office, sanitizing and disinfecting services. They use an EPA registered Virus Vaporizer system of electrostatic spraying services to kill Covid19 virus and other most dangerous viruses.

Key factors that helps you in getting a reliable and trusted cleaning company

1. What is the history of the cleaning company?

You should check for how long the cleaning company has been providing service. This helps in evaluating their expertise and experience. You can take reviews on customer satisfaction from their clients to check their market reputation. You should verify their number of satisfied clients and the quality of their service, through online and offline reviews from multiple clients.

2. Do they have liability insurance and surety bonds facility?

A cleaning company with a valid insurance can assure safety of its worker from any injuries that can occur during work. This also protects your property and furniture from damages. A bond can save you from the theft of your valuables. A genuine cleaning company will definitely provide insurance and bonds.

3. Do they provide better price, flexibility and variety of services

It is better to take price quotation from different companies and compare them. You should select them based on their price, reputation and services. The company that provides variety of services can save your time and money. If the cleaning company can schedule their job after office hours, your staffs will not be disturbed in their work. You should choose a cleaning company with flexibility in their schedule and customizable cleaning work to match with your specific requirements.

4. Check their workmanship and SOP:

You should inquire about whether they have any investigation process before hiring their employees. You can ask about their training procedure for new hiring. Their each worker should be provided with a Standard Operating procedure that reflects their step by step instructions for their specific work handling knowledge. The cleaning company should have permanent employees rather than daily basis workers.

5. Is the cleaning chemicals safe?

The cleaning company should have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each cleaning chemicals they use in their work. The MSDS list ensures safety of everyone as it confirms that the cleaning chemical is non-flammable and non-hazardous in nature.

They should have advance equipment, safe and eco-friendly chemicals, well-trained professionals and a service that values your price.

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