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Ways to get hold of extra cash

Ways to get hold of extra cash

Need to make some money fast? why not check out this handy guide to some ways you can get money quickly?

1. Cash for Duties
There are many household duties that can earn you extra cash. Most people neglect or lack enough time to undertake them. Good examples are cloth ironing, organising a house, removing cobwebs, and many other simple household tasks. For such jobs, you can charge at least £10 for every hour you spend working. You have to advertise your services. You can either pin a well-crafted advert on the window of your local news agent, or advertise on your local area’s website. Alternatively, you can promote your services in the website’s directory although you will have to pay a fee for premium listing. The point of advertising is actually to reach your target audience.
2. Working from the Comfort of Your Home
You can actually work from home and earn that some extra cash. There are people who earn through writing articles for websites or through transcribing audio files into word documents. Freelance writing is very common nowadays and therefore many people have turned to sites like peopleperhour to earn through writing articles on various niches. To start, you need to register an account with the company and create a good profile of yourself. After your profile is complete, you can begin bidding on jobs you are proficient in. In case your bid wins, you can comfortably start writing following the laid down instructions.
3. Consider a loan
Sometimes, the best way to get hold of some money fast is to ask friends or family. If they’ve not got the money to lend or you don’t want to ask, why not consider a guarantor loan? it works the same way as a normal loan – you make the normal repayments, however if you miss a payment or can no longer pay it, your guarantor is responsible for the lending. If you keep up to date with your payments, your guarantor will never have to pay a penny.
4. Renting Out a Room
With the help of the Internet, it is possible to rent out a spare room for short periods to overseas visitors. Flexiroom is a site that was launched recently and it allows people to advertise to such willing-to-pay guests. On each booking, you will be able to get a 4% commission. But remember adding a listing is free, so you are likely to gain more. Alternatively, why not try AirBNB, which charges a commission of 3% on bookings. The advantage of this earning method is that you are not expected to pay any tax on the first £4,250 you get for rent each year.
5. Selling Assets You Do Not Need
At Christie’s auction house, you can clearly see highly valuable items listed for sale. The good thing is that this is done online. This means that you do not need to take your belongings to London. Christie’s will auction the items on your behalf and charge you a commission. No need to attend to the auction house in person. Things you can sell include paintings, jewellery and antique, among others. Another auction house that offers free valuations online is the Bonhams. They also offer detailed steps on how to sell your treasures.
6. Becoming a Tutor
You can also become a tutor and earn extra money. Remember there are countless people out there who want to be coached on various subjects. Truly, you can earn up to £40 per hour teaching pupils through privately organised classes. You do not need to have any teaching experience or qualifications. But a CRB check is needed for you to start. You may check online services such as and to see which qualifications you possess. If you have GCSE and A levels, you can comfortably teach pupils of 11 years and below. What you need to have is only the confidence in what you are going to offer.

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